Employee Engagement Activities (EEA)

LRT firmly believes that Human Resources (HR) is the most precious resource available in the company. To harness the maximum output from our human resources various training and skill developments are conducted. LRT has also instituted various Employee Engagement Activities outlined hereunder to provide a healthy and enjoyable work environment

Employee Development Programme (EDP)

Conducts Suggestion week wherein employees offer various suggestions for improvement which paves the way towards individual and organisational growth.

Celebration of Quality month by conducting competitive programs towards employee development.

Obtaining KAIZEN from the employees as part of organisational development.

Publishes LRT LINK an in house Magazine where employees can participate in providing articles, write-ups and also get information on companies global activities.

Employee Retention Strategy (ERS)

Involving the employees in the recruitment process. This is done by introduction of Employee referral scheme.

Conducting Annual Satisfaction Survey (ESS) in order to assess the organisational climate to forecast the future development.

Annual get together which aids in bonding of employees and also motivates them to perform better.


Best emplyoee of year award, Best Suggestion award, cost saving award.

Rewards, certificates and sponsorship for the employees children who have scored above 90% in SSLC and HSC.

Rewards for completion of critical assignments and projects then & there.

Unique Benefits

•  Various facilities like Accommodation, Transport & Medical facilities.

•  Employment opportunities are provided for employees’ Children.

•  Group Personal Accident Policy

Work Place

•  We provide an experience which is clear compelling and distinctive for all our employees.

•  Every employee is thus empowered, respected cared and recognised from time to time.

•  A work environment that encourages innovation and creativity, we believe each of us comes with tremendous potential to excel and push boundaries.



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