Lashmi Caipo

Lakshmi Ring Travellers has formed a joint venture with CAIPO Automazione Industriale SRL for manufacturing Slub & Injection Slub Yarn Systems in Coimbatore, India.

Slub & Injection Slub yarn has gained worldwide- acceptance as Fashion yarn especially in denims, home furnishing fabrics, shirting’s, women fabric and knitting segment. In fact, variations of Slub Yarn are the basic inputs for fabric in almost all the denim products in the market. The international market for slub yarn is currently pegged at around 2-3% of all yarn produced in the world. The demand is expected to grow in double digits in the next 3 to 4 years.

Value added products like Slub yarn commands a premium compared to the normal Yarn. In today's highly competitive market where the margins are very thin for the normal yarns, it is more profitable for the spinners to venture into Fashion Yarns. India by default has a huge potential to supply Fashion Yarn to the world market. In the near future India will be one amongst the leading suppliers of Slub & Injection Slub Yarn Units. Lakshmi Caipo is destined to be at the centre stage - as a catalyst in this Fashion Yarn revolution.


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- Slub & Twist Yarn Unit



- Injection Slub System

- Optical Yarn Reader

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