Injection Slub System

In Injection slub system the draft can be set and controlled independently for the base roving and the coloured roving. The parameter can be fed through the User Interface (UI) instead of manually changing pulleys in the ring frame. A ground-breaking feature with Spectra Slub is the high-tech User Interface (UI) which allows you to set draft controls easily.

Spectra Slub is an innovative slub system for basic injection slub yarn at an economical price. The systems are backed by high-powered diagnostics that record all events and errors for each connected machine over any 30 day spinning operation. Our Tele diagnostics transmit diagnostic data through the internet to a remote and safe server (CAIPO) for accelerated problem identification and solution.

Welcome to the future.

A Spectrum of Possibilities

Open your mind to variety. Listed below are the different types of yarn produced by the injection colour slubs.

Spectra Slub

  • Yarn with Injected colored slubs (patch yarn).
  • Slub on a different colour slub.
  • Slub can be produced equal to fibre length.

When you purchase an injection slub system at Lakshmi Caipo Industries Limited, you’re investing in a colorful future. Magna Slub and Spectra Slub use LCESY, the Comprehensive and thorough object-based vector programming language that can be used to define many important factors in the slub production process. The ramp setting can be designed for each slub, the slub program can be produced with any number of lines, the slub program can be reproduced exactly at any point of time and well... the options are endless.



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- Injection Slub System

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