Slub & Twist Yarn Unit

LCSTU is compatible to any type of Ring Frame and Open End both to new and existing machinery. The simplicity of programming, the high quality of hardware of the product makes it a very important system to develop new yarns with customized characteristics.

Lakshmi Caipo LCSTU unit has some very unique important value additions in its operations.

LCSTU eliminates the differential mechanical pulley ranges without changing the usual parameters of the Ring frame or O.E machines. More reliable differential system and the electronic control allows to eliminate the "thin points" after the slub and to obtain a very high performance.

Digital Control Motors (CAN-BUS system) with a direct control of feed shaft and the delivery shaft allows controlling and obtaining a very high precision on draft and twisting parameters

Advantages over the other systems

The program for the LCSTU consists of 500 lines and each line has the following parameters:

  • Pause length (mm, cm or dm)
  • Stub length (mm, cm or dm)
  • Stub thickness (0.1 to 5.0 with steps of 0.01)
  • Twist (30 % to 300% to the base twist)
  • LCSTU's internal memory can hold 10 programs of 500 lines each. Lakshmi Caipo supplies a solid state cartridge LC-MEMS which can hold 30 programs of 500 lines each.
  • The LCSTU can work 360 slubs/min
  • Software variation ramps to avoid thin point with no practical differences between length of the slub
  • Large control screen which has all online slub parameters given and suited to work best in Indian Conditions.
  • User friendly programming method

E-Software Module

  • Programming and storage of new slub yarn program is using the same language as that of LCSTU slub device.
  • Program reading & storing conversion from older version to new & vice versa is simple and automatic.
  • Programs recording on LC-MEMS cartridge for immediate execution /implementation.
  • Calculation of the various parameters such as - Slubs per meter-theoretic CV, Graphic simulation of slubs.
  • Graphic simulation of the blackboard with ability to connect to LC-OYR for a quick reproduction of slub yarns.
  • The E – Sample can be mailed or it can be Printed.


Dobby Stimulation Module

  • Screen representation of a slub fabric, any among the most common weaves.
  • Screen representation of a slub fabric with the basic knit.
  • Setting of the representation of slub yarn for weft' for warp or for weft & warp.
  • Setting of yarn/cm density in warp and weft.
  • Setting of starting point of fabric to be displayed from 15 to 20 cm of side on the total fabric width.
  • Setting of fabric width & yarn count. Simulation of milled effect.



- Slub & Twist Yarn Unit



- Injection Slub System

- Optical Yarn Reader

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