Optical Yarn Reader

Caipo OYR is a product which has evolved due to the new market demand, requiring technologically updated, practical and quick solutions. This new innovating product reproduces a yarn with slub effects by reading the characteristics of the yarn required and by translating them on Lakshmi CAIPO “OYR Soft” program.


  • Yarn reading device by means of a digital telecamera taking the yarn directly from a bobbin or a spindle and detecting all the count variations.
  • Such information, duly worked out by a microprocessor located on the control board, is transferred to P.C. through a serial line.
  • CAIPO "OYR Soft" Software - it works out the information coming from the detector and fills out automatically the program that can reproduce the yarn read.


  • Speed acquisition: 9m/min.
  • Lowest Slub length detected 2 cm (Min thickness 5%).
  • Setting of yarn meters to be acquired.
  • Automatic program interactive compilation, allowing setting the following conversion parameters: slubs threshold level.
  • Threshold level of possible thin points.
  • Exclusion/inclusion of thin points.
  • Lowest length required to have he count variation to consider it as a slub.
  • Graphic simulation of the blackboard of the yarn under test and the elaborated yarn for immediate check.



- Slub & Twist Yarn Unit



- Injection Slub System

- Optical Yarn Reader

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