As the pioneer in Profile Cutting Machines, our machines are manufactured to suit the contemporary production environment. Therefore it replaces the traditional hand cutting with mechanized CNC Oxyfuel/Plasma cutting in various industries like Ship Building, Structurals, Heavy and General Fabricators, Earth Moving Equipment Manufacturers and Job Workers. Our Machines are custom made according to your production needs, thereby increasing production in multifold.

News & Events
  LRT @ AMTEX 2016, New Delhi
  LRT @ IMTEX 2016, Bengaluru
  LRT @ IMTEX 2016, Bengaluru
  LRT @ IMTEX 2016, Bengaluru
  LRT Machine with protective Bellows
  PCM with water table assembly
  LRT New 17 Inch Touchscreen CNC
  PCM Dept won 5S Award of Excellence


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