LRT was incorporated in the year 1974. LRT's operation has been organized into independent business specific clusters. Each of these business unit has its own facilities for market coverage and service to Customers. The different business units are;

Ring Traveller Division

Today LRT is a market leader globally in Ring Travellers and catering to the requirements of over 4500 spinning mills in over 40 countries. Over 40 Million spindles are working with LRT - Ring Travellers.

Engineering Division

Engineering division specializes in offering services in the field of CNC machining, Heavy turning, Engineering fabrication for various industry groups ranging from aerospace to textile machinery.

CNC Profile Cutting Machine Division

CNC Profile cutting machine division manufacturers state of the art Plasma and Oxy fuel cutting machines. LRT manufactures customized, cost effective cutting solutions for various industries.

Foundry Division

LRT foundry division manufacturers wide range of steel castings catering to the requirement of Valve, Pump, Mining & Engineering industries.

Water Treatment Division

LRT entered into a partnership with Panta Rei Srl, Italy to offer customized waste water treatment solutions. With deep domain expertise, LRT is trusted for offering solutions which are environment friendly, reduce the overall operation & ownership costs. The plants are fully automated which eliminates supervision, manpower dependence and ensures that every drop of water treated matches the most stringent global standards.

Surface Coating Division

Coating division has nickel, zinc, hard chrome plating facilities to cater needs in functional coatings.



- Lakshmi Caipo


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