Newsletter - Volume-15, Issue-3, Aug-2015

Technocrat of the Issue

Mr.Harpinder Singh Gill, popularly known as Mr.H.S.Gill, President - Garg Acrylics Limited, Bathinda, Punjab, India is a well know technician. Through his technical abilities and positive attitude, he has established strong impression in Indian Textile Industry for past three decades. He is from the historical city of Amritsar, India.

After completing his studies in textile technology, in the year 1982, from Punjab Institute of Textile Technology, Amritsar, started his career as Maintenance Engineer in LNJ Group, Gulabpura and reached to level Spinning Superintendent in the year 1991. During this period, he received responsibilities of installation & commissioning of new Melange unit at Bhilwara.

In year 1994, he shifted to Rishab Spinning Mills, unit of Nahar Group, Jodhan as Maintenance Manager. Here, he was involved in establishing Melange unit with the capacity of 25,000 spindles and also instrumental in modernising 40,000 spindles of cotton.

In the year 2004 , he joined Chenab Textile Mills, a unit of K.K.Birla Group, Kathua, Jammu & Kashmir and was involved in modernisation of 68,000 spindles unit and putting up three projects of 30,000 spindles each.

Since 2011 onwards, Mr.H.S.Gill is working as President in Garg Acrylics Limited. Under his leadership, a new unit of 1,64,000 Spindles is established at Bathinda with all advanced latest machines & technological equipments. He strictly ensures that product manufactured from his unit is always remains ahead to industry’s standards in all respect.

Mr.H.S.Gill has travelled to many Asian & European countries to understand the changing needs of overseas market and also attended various exhibitions to keep him updated about latest technologies.

Mr.H.S.Gill is sharing key Mantra for his success as “Positive approach, confidence on team and in depth analysis to understand the strength and weakness of the system, we are working in”.



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